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Are you really frustrated of fighting with social anxiety, shyness and not knowing how to be confident in meeting and talking to people?

Deep shyness and the anxiousness inside is really hard to deal with. It feels like you are trapped in a cage, with no way out. It feels like no one that can understand the pain you are feeling inside.

I get it. I know how much suffering is happening inside, because I used to feel it, too. But what if there was a way...an easy and effortless way to start conversations with others with total ease, maintain the conversation and building real connections that turn into friends, dates and professional connections WITHOUT fear of others judging or rejection you...or shyness and social anxiety every getting in the way ever again?

That is where Private Confidence Coaching comes in to help you get over the pain of shyness, judgment and rejection from other people to creating your best social life, the fastest and easiest way possible.

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What Confidence Coaching Can Do For You:

  • Learn to feel completely confident in social situations of any kind
  • Discover what’s at the root of your current problems, negative thoughts, fear of rejection/judgment, self-consciousness, awkwardness and learn how to dissolve it all, for good
  • Accelerate your career path by upgrading your social skills and removing fear and self-doubt
  • Learn the Natural Confidence Mindstate (NCM), master-level conversational skills, social presence and more to become socially confident everywhere you go
  • Improve your love life by breaking down barriers in your mind and learning the behaviors to make you more attractive
  • Discover how to live the life beyond social anxiety and shyness that you’ve only dreamed of in all areas that having a lack of confidence has held you back in – career/business, dating/relationships, friends/family, wealth/finances
  • Customized programs to fit your exact needs and create the success you desire

Who Am I?

David Hamilton - Social ExpressionHey it's David.

As many of you know, I am a former sufferer of shyness and social anxiety.

Through my struggles of being a shy person to one that remains introverted, but now knows how to be confident and connect in social situations. I now help others do the same, so they can have more success in their profession, make more money, have better relationships with friends, family and the opposite sex.

I used to struggle terribly in starting conversations with people, and even making eye contact with them. I used to be so anxious just pumping gas at the gas station, or driving along the road, thinking everyone is staring at me. I could talk to women I found attractive, even when they were interested in me I’d literally freeze up or walk away, or be mean and defensive.

My life is totally different now. It’s 200% better since I decided to take responsibility for my anxiety, get control over my behavior and create the life I want. To where I can strike up conversations with anyone I want, expand my connections with people in my personal and professional life, talk to women I like (yes I still get nervous sometimes, but it doesn’t stop me) and having more friends and acquaintances than I know what to do with.

Although we all have our different issues and our own unique flavors of beliefs, feelings and experiences in having shyness and social anxiety, it is my experience that our core beliefs, thoughts and feelings are very much the same when it comes to having difficulty in being comfortable around people in social interactions.

The constant worry and negative thoughts around being in social situations, fear of people, and constantly wondering if we’re being judged…fear of people are staring at us, as if we’ve done something wrong…the blushing, freezing up, having problems making eye contact with people.

The list goes on and on, and I’m sure you know them very well.

I feel very lucky that I found out I had this strange condition known as social anxiety and then found a way to “overcome” it. I learned to manage and dissolve my social anxiety from controlling my life any longer.

There is only one thing I care about for my clients, and that is getting results. Real-life results that are tangible. I want my clients to no longer be held back by shyness, anxiety and awkwardness, and to live the life of their dreams.

If you truly want to live your best life and are tired of shyness and social anxiety dominating your life, preventing you from having a great social life, so you can have the career you want, to be able to date and have the relationships you want, and to make friends wherever you go, so that the social possibilities are limitless, then consider that one-on-one coaching might be for you.

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What people say about Confidence Coaching...

I looked forward to every coaching session that I had with David. I felt this way because I knew that I would come out of each session with a profound thought, concept or technique that would help me towards becoming more confident and comfortable with my social anxiety.

David is a very funny and easy going coach that is passionate about helping people dissolve their social anxiety. Right from the start I could tell that he was extremely knowledgeable, and his insight goes way beyond regular methods. He motivated me each week to go further and further into social situations that at the start were very difficult .

If you are really serious about getting more mindful and aware (which you will learn) about your anxiety I highly recommend David to help you out. His guidance and expertise in the field will show you that it is not a disorder (or a prison sentence) that you are condemned to for life, but a condition that can be successfully treated with hard work and perseverance. Thank you very much David!

Troy M., Vancouver, CA

Working with David has helped me a lot with my social anxiety. It’s really great talking to someone who knows exactly what you are going through and help you see things more clearly.

Talking to David is easy and he really listens and understands. Now I know what has been causing my anxiety and it doesn’t have the same hold on me like it used to. I am definitely in a much better place now than I was a few months ago, which was turning into severe anxiety and depression. I don’t have much anticipatory anxiety anymore.

Things that used to make me really anxious don’t anymore. I go out more with friends and have more fun because I’m less focused on myself. Anxiety is not controlling my life anymore like it used to. Coaching with David, CBT, and being more mindful, which David will teach you how to do, has helped me so much.

You will have to do the work but if you do, it will pay off and it’s so much easier when you have someone guiding you along the way. Thanks David.”

Sarah N., Tennessee, USA

I have worked with people from all over the world and your time zone. Of course coaching with me is much more than just an investment of money - it is an investment of time, energy and effort.

I promise you it will be one of the most powerful and life-changing experiences you will ever go through - and the more you are all-in the more you will see extraordinary results. All my clients are powerful and I believe in them 100%.

Will that be you?

I hope to hear from you when you are ready. Coaching is a commitment of time, energy and money - and one that will change your live forever, when you decide to dive in.

Best in Social Success,


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