Most of those who have social anxiety, have problems expressing themselves or being seen on social media.socialmedia

For fear of what other people may think of them or what they can do which never really happened. That’s what we think when we have social anxiety.

What are we going to do about this?

Is it something that we just do and hide and lurk behind?

Sure you can but think that you might actually use social media as a way to do some exposure work.

Expose yourself socially through social media even though it’s not normal social situations.

This is a very interesting thing and something that I struggled with myself in the past and now I’m pretty outspoken on my personal Facebook page. I now am very opinionated with something negative and positive.

I work in a personal development field and I have contact with all inspirational things all the time but I say what I feel more.

Sometimes I realize things that I shouldn’t have said then think that if that’s how I feel then I should say it. Unless if it’s overly complaining.

Of course there are things that shouldn’t be done because it will affect somebody.

Now, how can you use social media to help train out this response of being frozen to not being able to post things.

Or trying to hide the fact that you shared or liked something as far as social media is concerned.

What I can suggest, start with something a little more neutral but maybe on a positive side if you’re going to make a comment.

So on somebody’s Facebook page, if you see a comment that you like you give a comment too saying you like his/her idea or opinion. You don’t have to express too much. Just to start with that little bit of interaction and you’ll see that nothing bad will happen.

Then you can go to the next step and go to somebody else’s page and find a post that you like and comment or share any knowledge about it.

In the long run, you can go the a higher level and out of the neutral stuff and have a little debate with others like when somebody responses and tells you he/she doesn’t agree, you give your comment which opposes to his/hers.

In the first level we practice being a little more neutral and slightly positive and then later on you can get into fun debates with people though I don’t recommend getting into big, negative arguments and fighting with people on social media.

You see, it’s notching it up with a gradual level exposure.

And I know a lot of you who might be on my Facebook page or YouTube channel and you see things you don’t want to share, it’s totally understandable because you’re reluctant to share your condition.

And if you go to other people’s pages and want to share something, just share the link. You don’t have to put caption or comments. You may put comment but keep it short and direct to the point.

Maybe you guys are already doing that but I’m just encouraging you to use social media to help you expose yourself.

I encourage you to do the best that you can.