| Discover how to overcome approach anxiety |

Do you deal with the dreaded approach anxiety when it comes to women and you‘re somebody who also struggles with social anxiety?

I received a question from a subscriber on how to overcome approach anxiety when he has social anxiety.

Here it is:

“I find it difficult to approach a girl even if I planned before that I was to approach a particular girl.

-W. ”

This is something I have struggled with alot.

And to be honest I still do at times with approach anxiety – as I’ve never claimed to be a dating expert (though I have my fair share of experience with women), and even though I’ve gotten beyond general social anxiety.

But I do have some advice for you that has worked for me on my journey.

In this video, I share with you:

  • Why having a plan to approach and start a conversation with a girl doesn’t always work
  • When is the right time to approach a girl
  • What you should work on to fix approach anxiety and what’s most important to focus on
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