Not Moving up the Career Ladder?

Do you struggle with social anxiety at your workplace and want to know how to be more confident at work?

For instance…

Do you have a hard time connecting and elating with your boss or other high-status people at work?

How about having a hard time speaking up at group meetings? Which prevents your ideas from being heard as you sit quietly with others passing ideas around.

If you do try to speak up, it either comes out awkwardly or people just glaze over and don’t really listen to you!

I know…your idea is even a good one, but because of the way you communicate it they just don’t listen!

It REALLY sucks, I know.

Could it be that you good at what you do but are held back in moving up the career ladder, or making more money because your anxiety gets in the way of your confidence and having people skills?

And what’s worse is that because of all if this you see people who aren’t nearly as skilled as you moving up, because they simply are more confident and have better people skills!


The biggest issue with folks that are held back by social anxiety in the workplace, is thinking that they’ll “just be noticed” one day for how great they are, without doing anything differently.

No doubt they also suffer a lot, beat themselves up, and know they have a problem.

But what’s actually worse is that they secretly wish and dream that all of a sudden…

…people will see their greatness inside and just treat them as everyone else who is more confident and social, listen to them, invite them out to lunch, bosses will promote their ideas (and them) and it will all just magically solve itself…if they could ONLY SEE!

I sure wish it worked that way!

I had the same stuff going on and I had to learn how to be socially confident and communicate so I could rise the ranks where I worked.

Or like Humberto, who came to me with lots of felt like no one understood him at work, he couldn’t get his ideas across and people would tune out even though he was a kick-ass project manager and was also hard working.

We worked together and I showed him how this wasn’t the way to having success at work with people, and that he could only gain by letting go of the limiting version of himself…

…he could still be the hard working, “in the trenches” guy and connect with people confident and help himself and the company more!

This is possible for you too if you are willing to put in the time and effort required to change and become who you want to be…

…so you can succeed more at work and not only enjoy your interactions more, but make more money too!

So the question here is:

What do you WANT …

…and do you want to FIX THIS?

And what’s your plan? Do you have one?

Because you need one especially if you want to sort out your shyness, anxiety and people skills issues at work so you can be more successful and have the life you want, provide more for your family, etc…

We can jump on a call and map you out a plan to fix this for you.

Just click on the link below to apply for a FREE Confidence Breakthrough Session now….

Let’s sort this out for you!


P.S. Life is going by to wait on solving this. Of course it’s about more than work, but your success there carries over into social/friends and dating too. Let’s map this out for you and fix it: