Of all the negative thoughts someone with social anxiety experiences, this is a big one.

I have felt that too in the past, I get it.noonelikesme

Especially at home alone in my room I’d sometimes think that, even though I did have some friends.

And it wasn’t true.

It isn’t even true if you don’t have any friends.

Maybe hard to see, but it’s that very thought that is getting in the way of opening up connections that people already like you or want to get to know you more.

The world feels like it’s closed in when thoughts like “nobody likes me” is all we can think about.

So what do you do?

We have to start to understand that everything you say to yourself is just that.

Something you are saying to yourself.

The weight you put on it is what makes it feel so much more real than it is.

We are masterful storytellers.

And the story we tell about ourselves dictates how we feel and behave.

And how people respond to us.

This is the hardest part to understand and it’s why I have the programs and coaching that I do.

Because if everyone could do it on their own with just books, blog posts or even emails like this, it would be easy to do right?

It’s a process and it requires the right community and support to do it in.

Yesterday I announced that in order to help you more, I needed your help.

The “Get Out Of Your Own Way” Survey is up and running.

Over 60 people have taken it so far.

It’s completely ANONYMOUS.

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If you haven’t taken it and are reading this help me, help you and take the survey now.

It will be worth it for what’s coming in the months to come with new offerings that can help people at various stages of social anxiety, shyness and budget.

Take it: “Get out of Your Way” Survey.

The more info I get, the more I can help you get right of negative thoughts easily, like the thought “no one likes me.”


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