We all have our bad habits.

All of us.

There’s a huge mistake I used to make all the time.

Today’s post is simple and direct, BTW.

Straight-shooter advice from yours truly.

Looking back, if I knew then what I know now, I would have forced myself to NOT do this bad habit, this really lame thing that can make you seem stuck up or just plain super-weird, like people often thought of me.

So what is it?

When you first meet someone, I don’t care how scared you are or nervous you may be.

I don’t care if your struggling with social anxiety or panic attacks or how much you want to protect yourself.

Don’t ignore them!

Don’t look away, don’t avoid eye contact, etc.

My old pattern was to be aloof and not even look their way.

So what does that mean you should do?

You should do things like:

Smile – even if you look nervous.

Make eye contact – even if your eyes dart way.

Say hi – even if you stumble your words

Shake their hand.


Trust me, it will make the interaction go much better even if you stumble along nervously than to come off as a jerk (even if you aren’t one).

Or if you come off too cool or just a total weird-O like I used to come across.

Of course there are lots of nuances and things you can do to make a solid connection before you open your mouth, with the very first words you can, and throughout the whole interaction.

That is what I teach people to do in my group programs, and I have the most unique and powerful program to do just that starting in the next couple of months.

It is simply called “The Confidence Mastermind.”

TCM is for six courageous men who want to totally transform their lives, never to go back to being shy and awkward.

Only onto authentic self-confidence and social success, never looking back at the old you (that really isn’t you anyways).

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