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Going out to meet new people by yourself?

It’s not the easiest thing to do for MOST people.

Of course, harder if you are shy or socially anxious guy.

Probably scares many if not all of you sh!#less I’m guessing.

I have been there when I was breaking through my shyness and social anxiety.

I forced myself to go out and meet people aloneĀ at night.

I felt really awkward at first but as you get comfortable with it it becomes really easy.

In fact, it can be even easier than when you are with friends, because it’s easy just to talk to them, and not start conversations with others.

As you watch today’s video, you will learn:

[+] The two things you should have to go out alone at night and meet people

[+] Who are the people to talk to first and what to tell them

[+] How to position yourself to meet new people

[+] How this method helped me become really comfortable going out alone and meeting different kinds of people

If you think this is weird to go out and meet people by yourself, then that’s only a limiting belief that you have, period.

Watch the video response now.

As always, leave your comments and questions below the video. I would love to respond to all of them.

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