Got a really nice comment from a high school girl about having social anxiety for a long time.6294765917_27edd90858_z

She’s realizing that she could seek help which is great.

Her comment inspired me to make a video and a blogpost.

What she said was:

“I hope that I can overcome my social anxiety one day.”

That’s a cool statement but there’s one problem…

The word “hope”.

“Hope” is like trying.

“Hope” gets in the way.

It’s really an insidious concept in situations with social anxiety.

All it does is put a little barrier.

Know that you can get over social anxiety.

I’ve overcome it, learned to manage it.

Does it still come up for me?


Do I know how to handle it?


Do I have setbacks still?

Sometimes but they go away so quickly and it doesn’t stop me from going out and meeting people and being social.

It’s no longer a huge struggle like it used to be.

So give up hope, forget it.

Just know that you can do it!

The first and the hardest step is to make the decision to get help and to start doing the work.

After that, I swear it will be a lot easier.

Don’t just sit there and suffer and roll around in your own misery.

I’m really happy everytime I hear success stories and I’m looking forward to know yours.