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Hope to hear from you and that I can help with my answers.

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    • Marija

      Hey David, I have a very specific problem. I’m working in a bar/restaurant, and I guess I’ve always had problem with people, but now it’s just more evident and it bothers me..

      You see, I don’t have a problem at all with meeting strangers, talking with new people, starting conversations, but I have a big problem to keep a relationship with them.. So for example, I’ve started working one and a half week ago in this restaurant/bar, and I have a few colleagues whose work in this place lasts for years, so they all know each other for years (which is my social nightmare btw, to end up with a group of people who knows each other too well – and I’m the new one)..

      The problem is that I don’t know what to talk about. With my friends, I am relaxed, I like to joke around, I can allow my self dirty jokes which I like, and allow the black humor also.. But when I’m not with my friends, when there are new people included, I just shot my self down, cause I can get over the line and easely offend people because something I said as a joke, they can take personal.. So I judge my self a lot, which have brought me to situation where 90% of my job (very social job) I don’t open my mouth.. And don’t get me wrong, with guests I can do the small talk, I can have a nice conversation and be funny, but only because I will probably never see them again (I like to make a good impression on people) but with my colleagues is totally different situation.. I just don’t know what to say, when they talk and joke around I would like to say something but I don’t, so by now they all think I’m weird cause they all talk all day, where I just answer their rare questions.. And the more I overthink everything, the more weird things gets out of my mouth when they ask me something.. So I come out as unsure and I want to be conffident.. I am affraid to tell long stories, because I think they come out as borring..

      What can I do?

      • David Hamilton

        You need to get more curious. Ask questions. Where did they grow up? What do they enjoy outside of work? So on and so forth. This will open up the doorway for getting to know each other better. Of course you’ll need to share this kind of stuff about yourself as well.

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