“I love it when a plan comes together.”

-Hannibal from the A-Team

Let me tell you something.

Something that I know to be TRUE.

If you don’t have a plan to overcome your social anxiety and to build out the life you want, it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to be successful.


Because hoping, wishing and praying without planning to do something different with consistency just won’t get you there.

Especially if you are living in social fear.

Because that fear is so POWERFUL it keeps you stuck right where you are at.

That is what it is designed to do, to keep you safe whether you feel miserable or not fear doesn’t care.

Certainly, it’s misfiring of the fear mechanism in your system, and without proper correction you’ll just keep going in circles.

It’s just how it works.

But when you have a solid plan, you don’t have to hope, wish and pray – you just work the plan with certainty knowing the you’ll get there if you stay in the process of the plan, and make adjustments along the way accordingly.

So let me ask you…

…do you have A PLAN?

And not just for the sake of having a plan, oh no.

But an ACTIONABLE plan that you can execute on every day, taking steps forward to make progress to bust through this thing, and into the confidence you know you want deep down?

That you know is in there, if you could only access it.

But there are layers of negativity, mind traps and barbed-wired emotions that seem to keep you from making the progress you want, if any at all.

Because you have no plan!

So what is it?

And how do you plan to take action on it consistently?

Because doing the same thing over and over and *hoping* for a different results or that things will magically change is known as…


And truly repetition is the mother of stay stuck right where you are at for another year of life passing you by, or repetition in taking action on a clear-visioned plan can bring you great change and success.

While having a new plan that is actionable is better than no plan, even better is a CLEAR plan if you want to get there faster.


If you want to get a plan together that actually works and AWAY from the place you are in now, where you don’t want to be, what you don’t want to feel or do in your life…

…and into a NEW LIFE where you have work you love doing, friendships, money and relationships you want all because you’ve become the confident guy you wanted to be, then you should apply for a Breakthrough Session:


In it, we will get a clear vision of the best version of you, the life you want, all of your challenges and how to best navigate with a CLEAR PLAN on how to get there.

Time’s-a-flying by, will another year go by before you do something about it?

Either way, you are the captain of your ship, whether it’s continuing to go around in circles lost at sea or whether you run a tight ship with a clearly mapped route to the port destination of real confidence and success.

Up to you, Captain.


P.S. There are only limited slots for these and because of that I can’t accept everyone, so if you know it’s right for you, then jump on it now….