How was your week and weekend?GuywithSA

I hope you enjoyed it, whatever you did.

Whether you were as social as you could be or weren’t able to make it out as much as you wanted for whatever reason.

There were times this week I wanted to stay home and work – because my job is setup that way.

However I made myself go into my co-working space two times.

Even though there weren’t too many people there on Friday, because I did that I met 3 new people.

Of course this is NOT how it used to be for me, because meeting people on the regular was not the norm for me in the past.

I went out both weekend nights with two different groups of friends and had a good time, especially on Saturday night.

I chatted to a few random people here and there but nothing special, mostly hung out with my friends and such.

In the past before my first confidence crossover going out both nights of the weekend (or even at all sometimes) wasn’t something I’d do.

And sometimes still I really have to push myself because it’s easier to stay in being a natural introvert.

But I have trained myself to be a SOCIAL INTROVERT now so I know exactly what to do, to get out and about.

Plus I know I have the mindset and skills to be able to meet people when I want.

But I’m on a mission to expand my social circles and dating life even more, so I’ve made a pact to go out at least two nights each week shooting for three in the new year.

So far so good, I’ve held to that all month and I’m not slowing down.

I know the way I’m doing my social life may not be your, but having goals and a social confidence plan to go by is really important if you don’t have what you want in your social life.

And guess what – not everything was rosy either this week.

I’m an imperfect human, too don’t forget.

At the gym, I got pretty mad at this older lady who wouldn’t let me work in to a machine, because she got really rude with me and broke the gym etiquette by not letting me do so.

She was really taking her sweet time on purpose just because I asked, as if she owned it.

That set me off and I told her so (I get that ability from my feisty grandmother), and then went and got management because she was just being a jerk about it.

In hindsight, it wasn’t the best move on my part but my “fairness” beliefs kicked-in and felt she had to learn a lesson so she wouldn’t do that to other people.

I actually used to get mad like that all the time so it’s also a good reminder at the cost of being like that.

And guess what? Some other cool guys that saw what went on helped me clean the machine because she was being really unpleasant.

So it turned into a way to connect with others despite the situation, because they all were good guys.

We exchanged just a few words, but it was more about the camaraderie than anything.

I’m sure I’ll bump into them, and thank them for their help again.

Unhappy people will show up in your world and it has nothing to do with you, as long as you are fundamentally right in your mind.

I want you to know that yes I know lots of people, have plenty of friends, and yet things aren’t always rosy.

Most weeks don’t have these kinds of things happen to me.

But I learned.

I’m now more than ever I’m being more proactive in many ways so things like this are bound to happen from time to time.

The most important thing is I keep putting myself out there and moving forward.

This isn’t about me “showing off” but to show you what more is possible, because ultimately I’m here to help YOU.


That’s what you’ve got to do, too if you want change and to have a different life than you have now – if it’s not working for you.

You’ve got to START going in a NEW DIRECTION if you want change.

Speaking of that:

If you want to get your social plan together, including what the confident you and your life both personally and professionally would look like ideally, then sign up for a FREE Confidence Breakthrough Session…

It is one of the best ways to get moving forward FAST if one month in to the New Year you are still feeling stuck and frustrated in shyness and social phobia, and can’t see how you’re going to really move forward.

You have the power to choose.