How was your day yesterday?talkingtoawoman

Yesterday was a very social day for me.

I had a group meeting with some fellow entrepreneurs.

On my way into the building I spoke to a woman entering the elevator.

I connected with my friends at the group and we had a killer business building mastermind.

On the way to the bathroom during a break, I talked to a woman in the hall.

After the meeting I talked to another about where she was going for lunch, and where I was going.

On my way to lunch with a couple guys that are peers of mine that work with men, I connected with the guy serving me street cart food at Whole foods, then joked around with the cashier.

All with ease, confidence and free of anxiety/shyness stifling my ability to connect with people and express myself just how I wanted to.

Then I had a good lunch with two really great guys.

Had a few invites to holiday parties/hangouts but I decided to stay in after being out all day…and it being super-cold outside here!

And you know what?

This used to be the FURTHEST THING from how my reality used to be.

I’ve got potential plans lined up for the weekend for Friday and Saturday. With my regular friends and two new people I met this weekend at a party and connected with.

And if I want to find out even more things going on I just need to send a text to some more people.

None of this would be possible if I didn’t have my mind right, my skillsets on points and hadn’t practiced this stuff until I got it right.


If that sounds like something you want to have in your life (your own version of course, it doesn’t have to be like mine) and away from the struggle of social anxiety disorder, self-doubt and uncertainty of how to handle meeting new people and creating relationships that actually STICK…

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