This morning I went on a walk in my lush green neighborhood.HI

People were out and about walking their dogs, running, doing family activities, etc.

I decided that I would say hi to as many people as I could for fun.

I usually say hi to people, but I went out of my way and made it a fun game.

I said “hi” “good morning” or “how you guys doing” to at least 7 different people / couples / families.

I was out late last night and tired, but it was something I wanted to do, because I knew it would bring my energy up.

The first couple were awkward and forced.

But it got easier and easier as I did it.

All you have to do it say ‘hi’, make eye contact and smile as you walk by.

But if you’re thinking starting a conversation is very hard – it’s actually very easy.

It’s simple, it is. You’re making it hard in your mind.

You don’t have to get into any kind of conversation you just have to “drive-by hi” them.

Turn it into a game or a fun mission.

Notice the light language I’m using like fun and game. You should use that in your mind too, or even say it aloud to yourself.


Go get out of the house and forget about your shyness and social phobia.

It will train your conversation starting muscles and set you up for success.

If not many people walk in your neighborhood then go to an area of town where there are more people.

Now I’m off to the coffee shop to go read and chat to some people.