When I started out tackling my shyness and social anxiety, building my confidence and social skills it was a HUGEstopstruggling struggle.

I was so nervous I would shake in my shoes trying to start conversations with strangers.

I would get out of the house and try to meet new people, and when I finally could utter a word I’d stutter and look away and get embarrassed.

It was bad…

But after doing the inner and outer work I turned my confidence completely around and now I can start conversations and meet people wherever I want to, and turn the right connections into friendships, new social circles, dating and business opportunities too.

Here’s the secret to stop struggling:

You need to have the right system AND know how to work that system to your advantage.

You could buy an airplane but if you don’t know how to fly it – your going to be in trouble.

That’s what’s happening with your confidence and life success when you have been stuck in a rut for years as a guy with shyness and social anxiety.

You know you want to make it work and keep consuming more information like free videos and articles, buying books and online training courses that don’t really move your forward and get the results you WANT.

AND when it comes to putting it all together and making it work – your getting overwhelmed and confused.

Getting MORE information and not taking new action based or doing things significantly differently is not working or it would have worked by now.

If you want to see how a system that gets RESULTS can help you move forward to breakthrough your confidence issues, so you can have the success you want in your life in ALL areas including friendships, dating, biz/work connections that lead to work/financial success…

… then you can apply for a FREE Confidence Breakthrough Session.

We can jump on the phone and work out a clear plan based on your vision, biggest hurdles and based on my results-achieving system, talk about how to do that.


I still have some limited spots available for this week if you want to get moving in a new direction on solving this.

It’s time to stop struggling and start getting results.