Have you ever played poker?Phil Ivey

It is OK if you don’t or haven’t, you will appreciate
this story and how it relates to building your confidence up.

A guy named Phil Ivey has been regarded as
the #1 poker player in the world.

He’s won more tournaments than just about anyone else.

His secret to making millions?

Ivey himself says:

“You play better when you’re winning.

No matter how good or bad a player you are…

You play better when the chips are flowing.”

It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill.

You get one win.

Then you pile up more and more…until your momentum
is like a jet pack strapped to your back.

Guess what?

It’s the same thing with winning against social anxiety.

Do you wish you could overcome your anxiety or shyness faster?

Are you frustrated with slow results?

Here’s what Ivey would do:

Go get a quick win.

You’ll instantly trigger a psychoendocrine cocktail
of testosterone (the “winning” hormone in both men
and women).

When you do that?

You’ll feel better, make better decisions, and
rack up bigger and bigger wins.

Here’s what’s really great:

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talking to people you didn’t talk to before within 90 days.

But that’s just the beginning.

Once you start crushing it, you’ll look back on
today as the spark that ignited your self-confidence
in social situations.

So –

If you’re ready to finally be socially confident and defeat
social anxiety, place a bet on yourself.

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Go for it, you can do it.