It’s a strange idea that we crave as humans.

We can take control too far and become obsessive about it.

But I think there’s a hidden side of control which is that those who say “we’re so out of control” use that as an excuse.

Because the truth is you can exert A LOT of control in your life. At least a lot more than you probably think you can right now if you are stuck and frustrated with a serious lack of confidence.

One of the keys to getting back control is a simple concept, that isn’t sexy, isn’t magic but it holds true and will always hold true as far as I’m concerned.

And that is….


Consistency in daily practice to resolve your mental stumbling blocks.

Consistency in getting out of the house so you can put yourself in situations not only to meet people and make friends but to learn and grow through EXPERIENCE which you can’t get out of a book or course just by absorbing the information.

Being committed to consistent progress no matter how big or small.

It’s often on the “plateau” of growth where one is slogging away day-in, day-out learning and growing is where the leap happens.

You see, I think we’re obsessed.

We’re obsessed with BIG change that is fast.

Whenever I see a post on Facebook from someone who is making a massive diet change and also starting some hardcore new exercise program, I shake my head and say “here we go again!”

They start out with all this energy, but they are changing too many things at once and it’s too overwhelming for their mind/body system.

It’s fun at first, but then the grind of day-in, day-out consistent effort kicks in, and it’s not so fun anymore.

It becomes overwhelming as other challenges come up and things start to slide downhill, FAST.

And then everything become a justification or an excuse as to why it can’t be done.

It’s actually the status-quo, and it has created a real anti-success epidemic.

And no real change occurred they are back where they started possibly feeling WORSE because they feel they’ve failed.

If they only started small, made some small but effective changes in a baby-steps type of approach, they wouldn’t lose motivation.

Because I’ve done it and see it all to often.

We are addicted to quick-fix and the dreamy end result with little to no work or effort.

The same applies with social anxiety and shyness and building your confidence to the level you want to in your life.

Counter-intuitively, slowing down and simplifying the process, tweaking the littlest of things and making small changes actually brings FASTER results, than making huge changes.

It’s a weird thing, but it really works.

Real change happens in increments, which added up over time, look big when you look back.

Or when someone says “wow, you’re so successful and confident” and they had NO idea of how much work you’ve put in to doing so.

I’m not saying results can’t be rapid, they can. Level-leaps do occur as well, but that’s often after long periods of consistent practice.

Again, the key is consistency. It’s better to get out of the house for an hour a day 5 days a week, then to spend 2 days a month constantly out around people.

The first is more regular and consistent, the 2nd is not nearly so.

On top of that, if you have the wrong information or incorrect system, then consistency or not, your progress won’t happen as fast, or you may stay stuck for YEARS, unfortunately.

It really is about learning to love the process or “the grind” as I call it.

Learn to love the grind of change and progress and results come much more easily without even having to focus on them.

Of course having a solid plan is where it all begins.

To do that you have to know where you want to go, what most stops you, and have a rock-solid system that will help to get you there.

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