Problems, problems – everyone has them right?Problem


…Not being able to talk to people on the level you want to or hardly at all

…Not being able to talk to women you find attractive

…Not being able to be assertive enough to stop being bullied by a co-worker or your boss


Well, not necessarily.

There is a prevalent model of thinking in the world that problems actually exist and are everywhere.

And from one level of seeing that is true.

But there is a whole other way to thinking about your world, your problems…anything really.

It’s this:

Anything that comes your way is an OPPORTUNITY.

At the very least level, an opportunity for GROWTH.

If there was just one problem you had in your life, that you could apply this line of thinking to, what would it be?

How could you see this entire shyness and anxiety thing as an actual opportunity?

Ask yourself the question:

“What if this was an opportunity to grow? To help others? To…???

(Fill in the blank)

Then breathe, relax and let new more useful thinking arrive in. Because it’s your old way of thinking that is truly keeping you stuck. New thinking almost always comes when we are more relaxed and open, often after asking a powerful question like the one above.

If you experiment with this you might be surprised with what you find. I have used this myself to help me come up to solutions to my toughest problems.

It is amazing how this kind of mindshift can open up your world and start to solve your problem with less effort, than the stuck loop of mental masturbation and overthinking generates shyness, anxiety and social awkwardness.

Believe me, I know.