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Do you get shy around family members like your parents, brothers and sisters?

Maybe because you don’t see them as often as you used to, and you feel weird around them.

Today’s subscriber Q&A is just about that.

A reader asks:

“I’m really shy with my parents especially my dad.

The thing is, I do not really seem motivated on getting comfortable with them even less motivated now that I don’t live with them, I don’t see them very often.

Yesterday I was watching this reputable psychologist say that if you have problems with your dad, you have problems with all men you meet.

And if you have problems with your mother, you have problems with all the women you meet.

What do you have to say about this?

Is it possible to overcome shyness without having to overcome that shyness with my parents?

Will I be confident with my parents once I become confident with other people?


– M

Unique question, indeed. In the video I dive into:

[+] My thoughts on this psychologists statement
[+] Whether or not you should open up a conversation with your parents or family about your social anxiety
[+] How to overcome shyness with family members vs. other people separately

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