| How to overcome extreme self consciousness |

Do you have problems with extreme shyness or self consciousness?

Today is a question from a subscriber on what to do when extreme self consciousness isn’t going away.

He explains…

“I have extreme self consciousness.

I’ve tried a dozen things to overcome it but it’s still there.

I’ve tried saying to myself that other people don’t really look at me but they’re more focused on themselves.

I don’t really need their approval, I’ve tried directing my focus away but I can see them peripherally always, etc.

Could you please help me?

My ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) are “I think they’re looking at me” when I see them peripherally and I think “they’re judging me negatively” because they can sense my anxiousness and because I can sense they see me looking at them peripherally.

My social anxiety is contagious I can verify this because also they get tensed and avoid eye contact with me.

What do you recommend me to do?”


Great question man!

Very specific just like I like ’em.

I give my best advice for to answer his question in this video so watch it now.

Have any further questions? Leave them below the video and I’ll be sure to answer them.

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