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Do you feel MORE shy with people that you know?

More than people you don’t know at all?

A fellow subscriber like you talks about his struggle with this.

He asks:

“Hi David!

One of my specific situations is this…

I work in a drugstore and usually I become shy and anxious when as a client comes former classmate or teacher or other known person.

The same way I feel when nice girls come.

It seems that I try to look better with those people who know me.

How to be confident and feel normal in this situation?”

Great question from our friend Oskars here.

Here’s what I cover in the video:

[+] How to rework the mindset and know how to not be shy around people you know

[+] One thing you’ll need to STOP doing immediately to overcome social anxiety and shyness around people you know

[+] Why being a “social alchemist” can help accelerate your confidence and social skills

Watch the video now!

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