| How to meet people directly |

Ever wonder how to meet people in a more direct way, without having to just wait until they get near you…or until
you work up the right thing to say?

If you have been like me, I bet you’ve struggled to figure out what to say to meet people whether a single person or a group.

Today I give you a FAST and DIRECT way to meet people whether a single person or an entire group!

I learned this years ago from one of my first mentors in a “charm school” bootcamp I took, and it is one of the best kept secrets on how to meet people by being authentic and direct.

I give you the EXACT method in this video. It is a really simple and powerful formula.

So go watch it NOW.

After watching the video, I want to hear your feedback and questions so go post a comment underneath and I will get back to everyone that posts a comment.

Add this technique to your arsenal and you just might never have to worry about what to say to meet people ever again.

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