Massive self-confidence is a great thing to have, no?MelGibson

It is after all why you are here.

But you know what is even better?

It’s FREEDOM!!!!

Screamed like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Okay maybe not THAT intense. :)

You know…

The freedom to be your authentic self, to feel relaxed and comfortable no matter where you are, no matter what social situation you are in, no matter who you are around – confident, powerful, attractive -it doesn’t matter.

The freedom to be able to say or do anything you want and be the man you want to be.

It is only your freakin’ BIRTHRIGHT man!


I am excited to tell you about a new FREE & LIVE training with me this coming Monday, August 24th at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern.

It is called…

“Mastering Social Freedom: From Shy Guy to Confident & Successful Man”

In it I’ll be giving you the latest and greatest ideas, strategies and tips from my personal knowledge-base so you can accelerate your confidence and social skills on your path to social confidence, and more importantly… FREEDOM. :)

Here’s what we will cover in the training: The 3 Most Important Keys to Social Freedom (and how to apply them) How to Integrate The 5 Pillars of Natural Confidence & Social Attractiveness and Why They Are Important

Live Q&A with me to answer any shyness, confidence and questions from the training

Get a chance to win a FREE DUAL PROGRAM SET of Dissolve Social Anxiety + Social Success Secrets ($400 value)

Register for the training here:

Bring your questions and an open-mind and get ready to learn and have some breakthroughs!

Hope to see you at the training in just a few days!