Let’s talk about luck today.Woman receiving flowers from boyfriendHow to get lots of it (the good kind).

And, how to engineer it so you are never without it.

Check this out:

One of my favorite parts of the movie “Batman: The Dark Knight” is when Harvey Dent uses his coin that has heads on both sides. It is his way of telling the world that he makes his own luck.

(Later when he becomes the villain Two Face, one of the sides is scratched and he flips the coin to decide whether someone should live or die – (but that’s another email for another time…)

Anyway, the point?

A lot of people think “luck” doesn’t exist.

But it does.

And there is a real, non-mystical/woo-woo way to make it work in your favor.

But how, you ask?

By following this tried-and-true formula:

Preparation + Opportunity = Luck

Fact, is, the most successful people that look so confident and social are almost always accused of being “lucky” by their friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else. But those people didn’t see the years of hard work, the hundreds of rejections and failures, and all the other “intangible” things that went into their success.

And then call it “lucky,”

In a way, they are right. They are lucky.

Some of you probably think the same about me, I’ll bet.

But it is not random luck.

It was, and is, controlled luck.

It was simply being smart enough and diligent enough to prepare themselves as best they could while working hard at putting themselves in the path of opportunity.

And so it is with you, my friend.

Want to have the confidence, social skills and success you have long been desiring?

Then apply the above formula to your life.

Focus on excelling at getting control of your mindstate, developing your social or conversation skills and really going for the life you want, and not stopping until it is GREAT (not just good enough).

And make sure you start thinking of a place that any problem, challenge or even intense suffering is an OPPORTUNITY for growth and success.

Do not stop until your eyes are WIDE OPEN with this mindset.

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