What are you up to this weekend?

Man and woman smiling at each other
Man and woman smiling at each other

A lot of you probably are celebrating Christmas with family or maybe friends.

Some of you might be alone, and that’s OK too.

Me, I’ve been hanging out with my father since Wednesday and really enjoying it.

Today we went out shopping post-xmas to buy each other gifts.

We had a great time.

And as I walked around I noticed how readily people would smile at me when I looked up from shopping.

OK, truth be told they were mostly women.

Of all ages, old, middle aged and younger.

Guys would more acknowledge me with a head nod or maybe just make direct eye contact, but not in a confrontational way because I’m open and present so there’s no threat there (very important).

You see, I wasn’t in a very social mood today.

I didn’t want to be. I wanted to focus on hanging with my Dad and shopping.

Of course I always make small talk or start a conversation with the staff and cashiers just a bit even and make sure to brighten up their day, even if it’s just with my energy and not a ton of conversation.

(Yes, your energy is really that important and it comes from a number of factors, with a key factor being mindstate.)

But there’s something way more important here as to why I’ll get smiles – without even having to smile first and yes I smile back with ease which didn’t always used to happen.

It has to do with one major thing to have people light up and smile when they see me.

Though I do aim to make people feel good and bring positive energy to EVERY interaction I have, no matter who they are, there’s something even more important underneath.

And it’s this:

I have an aim to FEEL GOOD MYSELF!

Because when you aren’t feeling good yourself it’s hard to make others feel good.

And though it makes me feel good to have others light up and feel good, that’s a trap because if you rely on that cycle, your own feeling good becomes reliant on something outside of you.


Now I know you are here to have more confidence, social interactions and better relationships to make a life you want.

But there’s also a paradox to this.

Because when you are alone at night with your thoughts and no one’s around, you have to learn how to do that yourself.

Yes it is wonderful to be able to make people feel good in conversation and with confidence.

But it’s even BETTER to make people feel good because you radiate relaxed, warm energy because you are content with yourself.

Look I’m not perfect and I’ve had some ups and downs lately here at the end of the year.

But overall, I’m feeling good and focus on that more than anything, because it brings success in all areas of my life whether helping my clients, meeting people and making friends, better my relationships, or any area of life where I want to maintain or enjoy more success.

And I can’t WAIT for 2016 to get here.

I’m ready for more.

So what about you?

What is it that YOU want?

If this sounds appealing, that you realize that to be truly confident with people, and have it be easier that you also need to work on feeling good yourself with or without people (not at the avoidance of them) then I have an idea.

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So I hope you’re enjoying your holiday if you celebrate Xmas simply enjoying the end of the year if you don’t.


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