| How to maintain a conversation when you run out of things to say |

Having problems on how to start a conversation or how to maintain a conversation?

And when you start to talk with someone you feel the conversation dies too easily?

No matter what you do it just dies out, feels awkward, etc.

And you just don’t know how to handle one and you feel you lack the conversation skills?

Here’s a question from a subscriber that I’m sure many of you can relate to:

She asks..

“I have a hard time keeping a conversation going unless the other person is a naturally talkative person and keeps it going.

I tried to follow threads but it often just die out when there is not a thread to respond to

And then there’s awkward silence…

I tend to ask a question about the person I am speaking to knowing that everyone loves to talk about themselves.

But that can get odd too.

I find my conversations even with my sons to be about the surface happenings in our lives about what we’re doing, where we’re going, etc.

And nothing more meaningful.”

– Kimberly

Great question (as always from you guys!)

I had a few things for her:

[+] What to remove from yourself to be more successful
[+] How overthinking sabotages conversational success
[+] The use of these special kinds of statements to emotionally connect with people better.

Watch the video to hear everything I break down for her.

Comment or questions? Leave it beneath the video, and I will get back to you.

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