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We had a killer online workshop last week. Lots of great questions on how to have confidence, vulnerability and how to connect with others.

Here’s the breakdown of the workshop again by parts. I answered questions all throughout it.

PART 1: Why Connection Trumps Confidence
Learn what connection really means, and what you should focus on to become a master connector

PART 2: The Key Ingredient to “Eternal” Self-Confidence
If you want to access natural aka eternal confidence then you’ll need this key ingredient (I give you a method on how to do it as well)

PART 3: How to Connect with People In Groups
Groups are often intimidating even to those of you who learn to master 1-on-1 conversation. I talk about how to mentally frame this and what to do, so you can jump start tomorrow your ability to talk in groups.

PART 4: How to Be Socially Cool With Attractive Women
Find yourself thinking too much about how to talk to women, or even try to chase them down? I talk about the right mentality and approach to meeting women socially and to “be cool”.

Watch the workshop replay now.

You can leave comments below the replay to and I will answer them below soon as I can do so.

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