I remember when I was still so afraid of people and had lots of social fears.irrationalfear

I put myself through a good deal of exposure to them, and it still it didn’t handle it.

But I persevered, and I’m a different man today then I was back then.

Now if I’m out and about, I am able to start conversations when I want, smile at people, make eye contact, and acknowledge them, joke, flirt and ask questions to build a connection, fast.

Whatever I want.

Wow, what a far cry from how I used to be.

Is that what you want too?

You can read my advice on that in this post:


You can get a handle on this for yourself.

You can actually feel the so alive when inside of fear. Just as alive as when you are really happy.

You aren’t your shyness, your social anxiety and you definitely are NOT your fear.