Are you intimidated by your boss?intimidatingboss

It is super common with peopleĀ living with social anxiety like you and like I used to be.

Top of the list.

I am going to assume with this post that your boss is fairly normal, and your being intimidated has to do entirely with you and not him/her.

Even if your boss is an intimidating jerk, and everyone agrees, you still can’t play victim to that.

Not if you want to be powerful and create your life and confidence the way you want it.

So how can you do this?

Broken down simply, it comes down to two aspects:




So what do you do and what does this all mean?

Firstly, this has to do with being more present by letting go of your negative thoughts (and learning to let go of all thoughts really), while simultaneously recreating your story about yourself (HUGE) and your interaction with your boss in all situations you interact.

If you can do both of these at once you will accelerate quickly.

Meditation is a great place to start for being more presence, but really it takes more than that I’ve found. You pretty much have to learn to let go all the time. Make it a habit.

As for the story of who you want to be you need to write it out and practice it.

Write out the story you want to live and practice it everyday.

(This is the kind of thing I do with my clients BTW, in depth in our coaching together.)

Do it no matter what and amazing things can start to happen.

For the positioning part, that means you need to “position yourself” alongside your boss and stop seeing yourself as inferior as a person, even if he is superior in role.

It ties into your mindset as seeing yourself more on your boss’s level, and seeing her on your level.

But also you need to be more like “friends” with your boss.

This can be a tricky line to negotiate, but you have to start in small increments. You also have to make sure you don’t seem like some kind of brown-noser to your peers.

But it all starts with how you think about yourself in relation to your boss. Without that, positioning is hard.

Beat shyness and social anxiety if you have it.

You must work on your mind, everyday, in every way you can. Do you best, but still do it as often as you can.

It will get easier. But you must be consistent and diligent.