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Do you feel like you don’t fit-in or you don’t belong to places you go to because you’re shy and socially awkward?

Or worse some kind of REJECTION?

All symptoms of the same problem, actually…

…so how do you deal with this issue and get beyond it?

Question from a subscriber today who asks several questions about fitting in.

He asks:

“I need help with a little problem I’ve always had and that is fitting in.

I’ve always had this problem since I was a kid and it was because I was always different. how do you deal with the thought that you don’t fit in anywhere and that you’re different from everybody else, and more importantly how do you change it?

And do you think trying to fit in(doing things like getting into sports, doing different things you wouldn’t normally do to get accepted by a group of people) is good or bad?

Also do you think that if you were to fit in you’d be happier?

What do you do to the thought that the only place you’d fit in is with losers or less popular people?



All of these (and more) are answered in this video.

This is a really important topic so make sure to go and watch the video on how to belong or how to fit-in now!​

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