| How to face your fears |

Learn how to face your fears and get over inferiority complex.

I don’t have to tell you that feeling fearful and inferior to others is a crappy place to live from.

You already know that through and through.

Look this isn’t about being perfect and never feeling social fear.

But I’m a firm believer in living “above the line” in life, and helping others do the same.

Meaning most of the time living from a place of confidence, self-esteem and inner freedom.

Which has HUGE effects on being able to life the life you want to…and awesome life.

I know we’ve all felt inferior at one time or another. And maybe far more often than we’d like to.

Maybe it happens everywhere you go.

The truth is there are probably places where you also feel superior to others, maybe the very same person that you feel inferior around.

For instance…

If it’s a really good-looking/rich/successful/confident guy and which you assign to making you feel less than, you might say “he’s not as smart as me” to try and justify and make yourself feel better.

I get it, been there done that many times.

Here’s another truth…

That when you are comfortable in who you are, none of those thoughts will occur to you.

OR if you have those thoughts, you’ll realize they’re just thoughts, and have nothing to do with anything except for stories we learned and continue to believe in and make up about feeling inferior/superior.

So I have a video today all about that, addressing a question from a Social Expression subscriber.

I give a full and complete answer on how to face your fears andĀ overcome an inferiority complex.

Check it out NOW.

This is a really important thing to solve, especially if you struggle with social anxiety and if you’re feeling inferior most of the time.

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