Ever watch Dracula growing up?

Dracky (my pet name for Dracula) is all powerful and can kick some serious ass.

Suffice it to say Dracky doesn’t have any confidence problems when it comes to charming his victims or talking to hot chicks he wants to turn into vampires.

Except with one thing.

That damn Holy Cross!

If it wasn’t for that cross, Dracula would be unstoppable.

When the cross comes out, Dracky cowers like a baby and you can almost hear the “poor me, nooo doooonn’ttttt” – ringing from his mind.

But here’s the thing…

While Dracky is very powerful…he’s still a vampire.

And he is limited in a serious way that non-vamps aren’t. But his limit actually isn’t just because he’s a vampire.

Ever been around an energy vampire? Someone who sucks the life out of you? Someone who is a real downer, really negative and just can’t see the bright side of anything.

I bet you have.

That kind of energy sucking comes from the victimization mindset.

It comes from thoughts or statements like:

If I only had more friends, or the right relationships then I’d be happy.

It’ll be so much better when I finally have the job I want, but until then life sucks.

If I wasn’t so shy, was confident around my boss/women/people then everything would be OK.

This is what I call the Victimizing Energy Vampire.

It’s the “VEV”!


Back to Dracky. He goes into VEV mode when the cross comes out because he doesn’t know that the power of his mind could actually stop it. Yes they left that out in the story, I know the original writer. :)

Seriously though, can you see the metaphor here?

What Dracky doesn’t see is that he’s victimizing himself through his thoughts and beliefs and that is taking his power away.

And besides thinking of any Dracky-like VEVs that you know, I want you to think about one other person.

That person is…


That’s right. Because we ALL are guilty of victimizing ourselves, VEV-ing out like Dracky and giving our power away, including me and you.

Take a good hard look my friend and see where you do the very same thing. Whenever life seems like it is just happening to us, things are out of our control we are VEV’ing out!

We have a choice and free will to not do that.

Don’t judge yourself if you do. Since you have been doing it for years, you have to give yourself a break. It actually is quite innocent when we do it.

I VEV-ed out the other day when a truck driver cut me off in traffic. I got so mad at him and gave my power away. Then I saw how I was creating that experience of self-victimization through my own thinking, and after the adrenaline wore off I was back to my usual happy self.

This letting go of victimizing yourself is possible for every single one of you here.

You have the power to do that too, especially when it comes to beating your lack of confidence and overcoming shyness and that dreadful, evil, blood-sucking social anxiety.

Stop VEV-ing out like Dracky. It isn’t attractive OR fun. :)

You do want to be confident and attractive don’t you?

I thought so.

By the way…

If you are a guy that wants the best in life for himself, including unstoppable confidence around people (and otherwise) because self-doubt and a lack of confidence is getting in the way of your career, social life and even dating success then listen up.

I have a premier group program for just six men starting in mid-August. This is going to be a truly phenomenal program for men and those that join are going to have no choice but to come through it with amazing new levels of confidence, progress and powerful results throughout it.

The program is called….

“The Confidence Academy”

It is built on my rock-solid 5 Pillars of Natural Confidence and Social Attractiveness which I covered in a webinar a couple weeks back.

This is my next evolution with all I have learned about mind/results control, confidence, socializing, leadership and success over the past 11 years and taught for the past 4 years. It includes group calls, 1-on-1 calls with me, video “whiteboarding” training sessions, fully-supportive accountability, action guides and templates and a whole lot more.

Two spots are spoken for so there are only four spots open right now.

The program truly it isn’t for everyone, and it has to be a right fit.

I don’t want that to scare you, but I want to be honest with you – you really have to want the best life possible for you as a man who deserve authentic happiness and success in terms of your purpose, career, social life, relationships and dating.

All of it.

And those who are a fit will SOAR in life.

You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be willing and committed to do what it takes to breakthrough your fear, remove your limits (which can happen very quickly if you are open to it) – to have all you want and deserve as a man.

It is all possible but you have to really want it, first.

This program will fill up, so get your application in if you want in.

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Talk soon.