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Do you get paranoid that people are after you?

That happens when dealing with social anxiety for sure.

Today is a question from a community member asking advice of how to deal with paranoia and how to handle confrontation at his school.

I totally get where he’s coming from.


I think my answer to his question might not be what he expects.

I don’t ever answer what I think someone wants to hear because that does them no good in the end.

I do my best to tell the TRUTH of what is really going on as I see it.

Here’s his question…

“Hey David,

I’m noticing more and more people calling me names like bud and “my friend” and condescending names at my high school.

I notice a pattern like after I confront them about something (either I’m too picky about something, or if the person is really in the wrong) they come back a few months later or days later and call me “bud” or “my friend.”

At this point I’m thinking of calling them the same name back instead of confronting them again and making them take more revenge on me like gossiping about me behind my back and on Facebook.

Anyway sorry about the aside. But main thing you could consider putting in an email is tips on how to deal with being called pet names like bud, champ, my boi, pal, my friend, sweetie, etc. Thanks.”

-Sam S.

It really is a fantastic question, so go hear my answer to this right now.

I really hope this gives you some more help with your social anxiety!

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