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Do you consider yourself a sensitive person?

Does someone know that you’re shy, anxious or socially awkward and you feel they are being insensitive towards you?

Today’s Q&A video answer comes from a subscriber.

He asks…

“Hi David –

I suffer from Social Anxiety and I’m working through the problem. I have a “friend” who is always sending me intimidating messages online.

He is always attacking me because of my Social Anxiety. He says “Just get over it” and calls me names because of my social anxiety disorder.

When I tell him not to do it, he says that he is just trying to make me “tough” and just “joking.”

But I hate it. He has made it clear to me that he is not willing to have more empathy towards me and be more gentle.

I decided to end our friendship today and feel really bad about it. Did I make a mistake?

I feel like he doesn’t LISTEN when I speak to him.

Can you give me any advice on how to deal with insensitive people like him?

I feel like he makes things worse.

Regards, J”

I freakin’ LOVE this question!

Me, I’ve always been a very sensitive guy and it’s been a challenge to learn to learn to turn it on and off (you can learn to do this).

I don’t like to think of it as toughening up (though you could look at it that way) it’s more like knowing when to “raise your shields.”

Check my video response now.

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