| How to build a social circle from scratch |

Do you wonder how to build a social circle or gain more friends because you lost them from the past?

I have a great question on that from John.

He asks:

“Hi David –

I’m mid 30’s and currently trying to start my own business which I’m doing from home. I live on my own and about 3-4 years ago most of my close friends all got married, had kids, and settled down.

It’s almost impossible to get them to come out for beers and the like and I’ve found myself pretty much socially friendless and socially inept over the last few years.

I’d always had a good social network in the past, and I’m finding it very hard to establish meaningful friendships with people at this stage in my life.

I also find not having that social network makes me feel that I lack self confidence in dating and meeting other people – kind of catch 22 I suppose.

So, it’s not really a question as such, but really just about building a good social network when you don’t have one already, or the opportunity through work.

Thanks, John”

First off, John will need to begin changing his mindset.

Which I explain fully with my other social circle building tips in this video, so watch it now.

I hope it helps you!

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