I have a question for you…breakthrough

Has the new year rung in for you, but things still feel pretty much the same?

Same pain of frustration, anxiety and not having the life you want and DESERVE?

Not being as far in your career or business as you want to be.

Not having friends to text or message to chat with regularly or to hit up to go grab some dinner, drinks or a movie.

Not having women interested in you because you feel so socially shut down.

And simply not having the confidence and conversation skills, hold eye contact and feel present and relaxed enough to connect with a cashier, barista or receptionist at the doctor’s office.

It’s tough and it’s painful, I know.

And look, you might already have had a far amount of success in your professional life but you just don’t feel comfortable in your skin and it not only messes with further success, but your happiness too.

Like my client Darren who’s a doctor that has been making real progress in getting invited out to play golf (a passion of his) and making friends much more easily at his new job.

Like my client Brian who’s in a new marketing position, getting paid 40% since we started working together, and now venturing out on weekend nights by himself to expand his social skills and meet new people.

Like my brand new client John who’s newly divorced, with most of his friends being mutual with his wife, that he’s diving right into shifting his mindset so he can expand his social circles rapidly, making new friends and getting back out there on the dating scene.

All of these guys are already successful to a degree, but know that within them is a better version of themselves just waiting to come out.

All are making great progress, and they are go-getters and great guys.

Unfortunately, when you struggle with shyness and social anxiety, being a “good guy” doesn’t cut it, if you don’t have the confidence and skills to connect with others and build relationships.

These guys are just like many of you.

And guess what?

They all started on this new road by applying for a free Breakthrough Session (not always what I called it, but that’s what I call it now.)

They knew they had to do something different and they knew it was time to call in some expert help so they could bust through their limiting beliefs, learn new skills and take new action towards reaching their goals.

They were either so stuck they didn’t know what to do, or knew that they’d make way faster progress in the hands of an expert who had been through the same.

That’s me if you were wondering. :)

If you want to get on the path and get a clear vision lined out for yourself, and are committed to your success, then you can apply for one, too:


These are limited in number and are by application only, and truthfully I can’t accept everyone for these because I can’t help everyone unfortunately.

A new journey begins with the first step.

No risk, no reward as they say.

It’s true, that’s what I’ve learned.