| How to be super charismatic when you’re a shy-trovert |

Most shy-troverted people think they are too boring.

You know shy and introverted sandwiched together.

They want to be more charismatic. And probably if you think that about yourself, you are probably right!

We become what we think…after all.

That’s OK though, because it all starts with awareness anyways. So don’t get down on yourself, dude.

And truthfully, who doesn’t want to be more charismatic?

Even I do, and I’m pretty darn decent in the charisma department.

So today we have another special treat.

(But it’s not candy, it’s WAY better than that.)

I interview Marcus Oakey, Charisma Coach extraordinaire from London. I saw Marcus several years ago on YouTube. It was a video where he was starting conversations with people near a fountain at a square in England.

I was impressed with Marcus’ upbeat energy, ability and great knowledge on how to start a conversation with anyone he wanted. So I decided to reach out and he was happy to impart his wisdom for all of you here in the community.

Marcus wasn’t always that way.

He was socially awkward and suffered from severe shyness.

Yep, just like I was and like many of you here are.

Here’s what we cover in the interview conversation:

  • Marcus’ story at 22 years old when he decided to change his life, including his experience being in a bar where he thought met a man who became an inspiration for start on the path of confidence and charisma.
  • How to let your true self come out in conversation, and why it is important you do so
  • How to really use techniques, tools, strategies to increase charisma, and what is actually most important
  • Top tips from Marcus on how to relax while talking to people you have never met before and how to be super charismatic
  • How to use both positivity and negativity to create emotional tension, and how negativity when used well can make you more charming
  • How and why being more emotionally expressive helps build connection between people
  • Three powerful questions Marcus uses with all of his clients to use after any social interaction to exponentially boost your learning and growth
  • How labeling yourself an introvert might be total b^!!sh1t that holds you back, and what is really going on
  • Why mixing fun with analysis is a powerful way to grow
  • Story of a client Marcus recently worked with that went from shy to charismatic
  • And more!

Watch the video now.

Make sure to block out some time to watch the interview, there are tons of amazing tips and strategies on how to be super charismatic in this interview.

Remember to leave a comment or question below the video.

The more you participate and interact the more you learn and grow!

Onto social success then, no?

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