We all want success.steve-jobs-profile

Don’t you?

One thing I’ve learned is that the success line is arbitrary.

And some of us want to be really successful, regardless.

It truly is arbitrary, and very freeing to see that.


I also think it is rare to be successful at higher levels without building up this one resource.

Especially if you are really shy and anxious.

There was a bigtime business article going around about why Steve Jobs founder of Apple was so successful.

It wasn’t his brains.

It wasn’t his education.

It wasn’t his upbringing.

It was…


(Of people, not computers. :)

And more specifically it’s something called an:


An open network means somehow has multiple networks of people they are connected to, that don’t only have lots of varied connections,

but more importantly…

…expose someone to a variety of NEW THINKING.

In this article they talked about how people with open networks are very successful because their thinking is constantly challenged, and they don’t settle into one rigid way of thinking.

Kind of like social anxiety is (unfortunately) is a rigid system of thinking that keeps one stuck.

Getting locked in ANY kind of thinking, keeps one from success.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking.

“David, how can I build any kind of network, given I’m so shy and anxious?”

You have to start with YOUR THINKING of course.

Social anxiety is based entirely on your mindset (thinking) and isn’t wired in genetically.

That’s just how it works.

And with social anxiety blocking the path to building up even one network, let alone and OPEN network, it can seem like there’s no hope.

But there is.

And if you have any kind of BURNING DESIRE to have more success in your career, or even start you own business, then overcoming social anxiety is worth it.

I’m not going to recommend my system today.

But I am going to recommend another.

It’s by my friend and fellow overcomer of social anxiety, Sean Cooper.

His Shyness and Social Anxiety System (SSA) has helped many in make great strides to overcome SA.

What’s more, it has monthly on-going support beyond the really solid system he has put together.

Check out Sean’s SSA System Now

Overcome shyness, gain social confidence so you can start building just one successful network.

From there you can build more.

But is has to start with you.

It will be worth it.

I’ve done it, and so can you.


P.S. Last email I sent out I had one spot open for private coaching. That’s now closed, indefinitely. And Sean’s SSA system is one of the best out there.