So here I am.

I’m writing this after having a few drinks out at the bar.

And guess what?

I went out ALONE.

It happens and you should know how to do it, too.


Because my social circles have shrunken. There was no one in my immediate circles that was able to go out.

And I wanted to go out.

So I went out by myself.

Believe me, I have PLENTY of work to do that I don’t need to go out and socialize.

It’s getting cold here in Colorado.

I could easily have chosen to stay in.

As I sat on my bed, going back and forth in my mind, I asked myself…

“David, what do you REALLY want to do?”

The answer, came.

I wanted to go out.

And though my mind was telling me otherwise, I MADE myself go out.

And damn am I glad I did.

Because you see, shyness and social phobia used to rule my world.


Maybe it rules yours but you want, more?

It’s possible my friend.

By the time you receive this it will be morning.

The bar I went to specialize in cocktails and very nicely made drinks.

I met two bartenders. I met two patrons next to me.

I asked a lot of questions and got curious about their worlds.

I balanced it out by sharing about mine.

It was easy because I’ve done the work to build my confidence and have practiced my social or conversation skills.

And I continue to practice and refine and get better and better.

I even invited people to a new social club I’m forming.

In the past there is no WAY IN HELL I would have done this.


I am not my mind, I am not my CONDITIONING.

No, you don’t have to go to the bar.

You can do this many places, groups or events.

But it comes down to what you want.

One of the connections I made was a very attractive girl, too.

Whether it turns into anything or not, we’ll see. I have no agenda. It would be nice, it would be fun.

But there’s abundance out there, you see.

You shouldn’t have any agenda either.

Because agendas and expectations of yourself and others cause anxiety.

So…let me ask you…

What do YOU want?

If you want to be confident in your own skin, authentic to YOU and have the skills to meet people anywhere, then we should talk.

If you want to CONTROL YOUR DESTINY, we should talk.

You see, even though my social circles have shrunken like a little head in an Indiana Jones movie, I knew, just knew through and through I’d be able to meet people by myself.

Because I put the time and work in.

Because I have hired mentors and coaches to help me.

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