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There are a lot of things I’ve learned from once being a socially awkward and shy guy to being social and natural. I have learned to train my body how to be social no matter what my state is, if I’m not in the mood, sad or tired.

There are a few points I talk about here on how to engage or connect with people and try to talk to them and ask questions without them asking you first and why it is important to make an eye contact with people you talk to.

Know that it is very important to engage with people in a society that goes towards being disconnected with social media, technology and fear.

I used to be that guy who thinks people who are very social are weird but now I am one of them. If I’m not in the mood, I talk to anyone and I feel better.

So just remember three important points from the video:

1. Stating a conversation

2. Asking questions

3. Sharing about yourself

These are simple fundamentals that aren’t necessarily easy. If you want to really know how to do these simple points and be social, abolish fear of what others think, you can get help to bring out your natural confidence. It is already within you, that is just the way it works.

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    5 replies to "Best Methods: How To Be Social"

    • Darlene Pattison

      My problem includes that I can not think of anything to talk about. I don’t have many interests and also have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. I have been in group settings and I feel so stupid cause I can’t thing of anything to add to a conversation.

    • Anna

      Thanks for this video David. The way you break down how to be more socialable into steps to start and work with is very helpful. I look forward to all your posts as I’m on my SA journey.

      • David Hamilton

        You are welcome and thanks for being part of this community Anna. Looking forward to more interaction with you here. Keep putting yourself out there.

      • David Hamilton

        You are most welcome Anna. Glad to have you part of this community. Keep it up!

    • albert

      Thank you for this video – very helpful!

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