Want to know one place you can meet new people quickly?coworkingspace

It could be for anyone, but specifically it’s one of the best ways to do it if you are a freelancer, self-employed, starting a business on the side or even if you’re a graduate student – in particular.

It’s called a “co-working” space.

A co-working space is a place where you pay to have your own office, rent a desk, or you can be a “lounge floater” like me where you work in open common areas.

It’s very communal and social, in general, though each space can be different.

I absolutely love my new one. It’s very laid-back, they are very giving, and have lots of social events compared to my old office space which was more corporate.

I just moved to a new co-working space and I absolutely love it.

It also happens that people I have met from my previous full-on networking onslaught from years past (after having my first confidence crossovers with shyness/social anxiety) from a entrepreneur’s group I was once part of last year.

Point being is that meeting people over time pays off in spades, if you keep consistent and persistent.

It was only my 3rd day here and I’ve met 4-5 new people along with the owner and her husband among others.

What I notice is that there is also a particular area where people can be more social in the kitchen.

It’s a social hotspot in that sense.

Yesterday there were muffins and muffin tops, a french press full of coffee and the soda machine is always there.

Why do I mention these?

Because all of these were conversation starters yesterday whether I started a conversation or someone started one with me.

They are all situational starters, and easy to do.

For instance, I was cutting a muffin and two people asked me about them and what kind they were.

The owner who’s really social and friendly offered french press coffee when I asked about a hot water machine that looked like coffee.

I heard someone else asked about the water machine to another friend that is here with me.

What’s my point here?

Every place is full of situational starters like these.

Some conversations are just a few words. Others are longer, but not too long.

It doesn’t matter, because over time these will build into more familiarity and connection, because it’s a space where I will see the same people again and again, and they’ll see me.

That’s why joining a place like this pays off in relationships over time. Just small interactions build up over time, you don’t have to stay in a conversation, and eventually friendships will form, invitations to others things, etc.

It doesn’t have to be a co-working space – it could be an interest group or club – where you will see the same people over and over.

I know exactly what some of you are thinking, too.

“How can I even meet people, if am shy and have anxiety?”

That’s right, this can be tough if you don’t have the confidence or social skills to be relaxed and at ease so you can easily meet new people.

I understand.

It takes courage if you are shy and nervous and there’s a lot to know if you are confused on how to do this.

You’ve got to practice and apply the mindset stuff and skills that I teach across the many emails and videos I have.

Or work with a course, or someone that’s an expert that can help you is an option, too.

Either way you have to take action in a new way, somehow.

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