| How to be cool like George Clooney|

We’ve talked about charisma and charm in the last couple of months. But what about how to be cool?

What does that even mean and why should you even care?

And yes it is important to be considered a “cool guy” by others if you want to meet and connect with people more easily, be more approachable and easy to talk to.

For me, being cool actually is often misunderstood as what I’d call being “too cool.”

I’ve been accused of that before, because of my defensive aloofness, which could come across as “too cool.”

Sometimes I even go there without noticing even, though it’s on the rarer side.

I mention George Clooney as a model for this, and in particular the type of character he plays in Oceans Eleven.

Clooney has a natural kind of warmth and charisma and has this great conversation skills that not every famous actor has.

It’s the kind of affable cool that is in the right direction and a great model for all of us guys.

Not the Robert Deniro type of cool and definitely not Jack Nicholson. A bit too edgy for the kind of cool I’m talking about here.

While both these guys are certainly charismatic, they have a bit to much of the “I don’t give a f$%k” kind of cool vibe.

That’s not a good vibe (aka too cool) to be in for being social and making people feel welcome and warm.

And while not caring deep down is a good thing, you want to be “caringly carefree” when around people.

So today I’ve got a video called “How to Be Cool Like George Clooney” all about this very topic.

Go watch it now.

Go ahead and drop a comment below the video with your thoughts or a question, too.

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