| How to be assertive in social situations |

Aggressive is usually WAY too much.

Assertive is…

…just RIGHT!

If you have ever wondered how you can be assertive in social situations without crossing the line into being aggressive…

…then I have a special video to share with you today.

A reader asks me this:

“Hi David –

I want to know how to be assertive without being aggressive.

This is a problem with my regular interactions with my friends as well as colleagues.

I don’t know how to react quickly or I don’t know what to say to put down inappropriate requests without getting angry as a gut reaction and calmly standing up for myself instead.

I’d like to train myself to do this as a social skill but I have not idea how.



An awesome question from a sharp lady.

The two big points for her are:

[+] What perspective to take on aggressive people who try to put you down and exert their power over you

[+] The best ways to react to rude or aggressive people, some of which might really SURPRISE you

Watch the video now.

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