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Do you want to know how to be a wealthy, happy and confident man?

Good news because…

It’s interview day!

Today’s treat is not specifically about shyness, social skills per say.

But it is about confidence, serving others by bringing amazing value and connection… and how that builds true WEALTH.

Which is important for many a man.

Today we have Jason Goldberg a wealth and service coach. He’s also a good personal friend of mine and we went through a coach training together last year.

Jason is a master of connection and service and is an awesome coach.

Here’s what we talk about in the interview:

  • Jason’s story of social awkwardness and getting up to 330 lbs, and learning to be the funny guy to both connect with people and protect himself
  • How he had suicidal thoughts and why he didn’t go through with it
  • How a credit card company forced Jason to do something about his weight once and for all (look how great he looks now)
  • What are “wealth wells” and why they could be really important for you
  • The three little words that will kill wealth (or passion and happiness, too)
  • How our culture is driven by shame, and how out of control it has gotten
  • Why making a difference is important for wealth AND fulfillment
  • How Jason became a charismatic introvert and his advice for those who want to have more charisma
  • How trying to be interesting will hurt you, and what to do instead
  • Why it’s OK not to feel confident all the time
  • The power of slowing down and what it can do for you

Watch the interview on how to be a wealthy, happy and confident man now.

“The need to be interesting just creates distance, be interested and you’ll create intimacy (connection).”
– Jason Goldberg

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    2 replies to "How to Be a Wealthy, Happy and Confident Man"

    • Mihir

      david my problem is i got a little setback in my acadmic career & when i confront people who are ahed of me in career i get nervious seeing their satisfaction, confidence i feel self guilt ;;plz. suggest me about it.

      • David Hamilton

        I hear you Mihir. You need to start appreciating them for their success that will help with your mindset and success. Very important not to compare, be jealous, otherwise you will self-sabotage.

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