Failure is something that we all want to avoid.success

Even me!

But if you want to be SUCCESSFUL, you simply can’t avoid it.


And truthfully, the more out of my comfort zone something is I want to do, the more it feels like a failure when things don’t go my way.

But I’ve seen it enough now that I reset myself and KEEP GOING.

The best we can do is reframe failure as feedback and information of whether you are on course or OFF COURSE.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in this time of year is slowing down.

Because the holidays are coming for many Western cultures, end of year is coming for companies, vacation time, etc – people start to slow down.

I know that when I worked in the corporate world that’s how I felt.

But now that I work for myself and I’m in control of my destiny more than ever, I don’t slow down this time of year.



Because I have learned that while everyone else is slowing down, I’m doing the work it takes to prepare for an awesome 2016.

That’s a major habit of successful people, especially at this time of year.

I don’t mean to kill yourself on working hard to change yourself.

But at the very minimum to not slow down but to work at a steady pace on learning and growing.

Or if you want to kick it up a notch or two, do that too!


You might not even be in a place where you fathom having a good let alone great 2016.

I get it.

You might be lonely and frustrated.

You might go between muted to AGONIZING emotional pain because you don’t meet people and make friends and don’t have the success and life you want.

It is OK to be in that place, we all go there.

But if you are tired of not realizing your full potential and tired of lacking confidence then maybe it’s time to DO SOMETHING about it.

Just like the two courageous souls that decided to have their lives forever changed by signing up for a 10-week coaching intensive with me.

They understand that they cannot slow down because life is passing them by and the time to act is NOW to solve their confidence and shyness and social anxiety issues.

Yep, it’s true.

Life is passing you and me by both.

Time carries on, and all we can choose to do is day by day respond by either doing nothing or doing something about it.

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