Start to overcome your social anxiety and shyness and stop fooling yourself like these people in the story.

Axe murder story

Have you heard this story before?

The killer waits outside in the thunder storm, his axe still dripping with the blood of his last victim.

Inside, guys and girls at the slumber party are gossiping about their friends who had mysteriously disappeared the week before.

Suddenly one of the guys hears the sounds of someone trying to enter the house…

It’s the killer…on the prowl and slowly coming for them to hack them all up, one at a time, into gory pieces.

The music heightens, and the audience thinks or even says aloud ‘No! Don’t go out there!’

You know what is going to occur… it’s completely obvious.

The guy feels that something is horribly off, but of course he wants to be tough as one of the girls even eggs him on because she’s to scared to do it.

Of course, he goes to check what is going on anyways, all by himself, to ‘investigate’ the noise… the lunatics axe meets his face as he steps out of the door.


It’s hard to watch, even when you know what is going to happen.

Not even for the gore factor, but even more so for the SHEER STUPIDITY of this dude falling into the murderer’s trap, not paying any attention to all the obvious signs, even though his gut is telling him differently.

And yet as painful as horror films like this might be, maybe it is the truth that art is painted in the reflection of real life.

Overcoming social anxiety and the axe murder victim

Just look take a look…

Are you are succeeding overcoming social anxiety or NOT?

Are you gaining:

Or are you being like this guy, who is just fooling himself, choosing to IGNORE the PIT in his stomach that he won’t listen to that the knows to be true.

Now I’m NOT saying you are stupid like they make these characters out to be in these movies.


Virtually no person would do that.

But I am saying that you should take a hard look and where you really are in your progression,

And how social anxiety portraying the character of your “inner axe murderer” inside of your head which is causing you to make decisions that aren’t good for you.

You’re listening to the voice of fear inside of following the DESIRE deep in your gut to do what you know is right, and claim the confidence and life you want.

So here’s what we can do…

We can jump on the phone (or Skype if you’re international) and help you get plan together to fix this.


…If this is something in your gut you know you want to move forward on…

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