“The Bad News”

There’s good news and bad news here for you.

So let’s start with the bad news and get it over with!

Soon the first month of 2017 will be over.

I know it’s flying by for me!

And though I know it might seem strange to call this bad news because there are eleven more months to go…

…it really can be.

And I’m going to tell you exactly WHY this is bad news.

Here it is:

Remember how last year you might have been all excited for the next year?

But then…

…month by month passed by you…

…and even if you had new years resolutions or goals you still struggled with shyness & social anxiety more than ever…

…and NOTHING really changed in terms of your confidence and your ability to create the success you wanted with people, in your social circles or dating even.

Look I’m not trying to be Mr. Negative here, but you have to look at what the facts are for you.

Did this happen for you?

And if so, maybe it’s time to do something about it FOR REAL this year?

So I want to ask you a question:

Are you achieving your goals in life not to mention making the progress you want to make from what you said you wanted eleven months ago?

Are you able to interact with everyone from strangers to acquaintances to co-workers to friends of friends or new people you come across and have the opportunity to meet?

Or are you still struggling, confused & overwhelmed about how to make REAL progress and get to the next level in your life…

…beyond your social anxiety and lack of confidence?

Maybe you still don’t even have a PLAN to succeed or how to make one?

You could be getting calmer and more relaxed in every situation, being proactive as the one starting conversations naturally leading to more personal and PROFESSIONAL success in your life…


You could be just trying to get your confidence up, “willy-nilly”…

..hoping you’ll change BUT keeping all your passion and desire to connect with others inside…

…not able to share your talents with the world and all you have to offer due to staying stuck and frustrated.

IT SUCKS I know! I’ve been there, too.

Either way – you need to find a way to get out into the world more, interact confidently and SUCCEED like you want to.

“The Good News”

There is really only ONE REASON you are not where you want to be right now…

You don’t have the right system!

That’s it.

Right now you are probably doing WAY TOO MUCH of the wrong stuff that is NOT calming your body and mind not to mention building the confidence you need to succeed…

Wasting time thinking and thinking and OVERTHINKING…

…worried, stressed and “what-if-ing” every day to the same frustrated place that you began it…

Watching endless amounts of videos and articles that make you feel good for a little while in the hopes that if you consume MORE information it will eventually all make sense…

And as a result – you’re not getting the friends, career mobility or ability to meet women and find a relationship if that’s what you desire.

I have clients who have been exceling at work (Bill and Fatima), rapidly expanding their social life and meeting more women (Joe) in just weeks of getting on the right track with the RIGHT SYSTEM to building confidence.

What’s your excuse?

I didn’t accidentally be able to go to cocktail party on Thursday night and start conversations with several different groups of people, and get told by my friend this in an email the NEXT day..

“Yesterday was fun. You were the ideal person to bring because you’re more social than most of the people I know and don’t have a problem striking up a conversation with strangers.”

(No I DID NOT used to be like this at all, I was the AWKWARD & SHY GUY who barely knew what to do with himself around new people.)

And not to mention that now every week, I meet new people make more connections and friends and become a successful confidence coach and run my own business just by “hoping” things would be different one day.

There is a VERY SIMPLE strategy…

I can help you with it.

I’ve set aside some time to help you figure out how to get your confidence and life to the next level and achieve your goals, socially and professionally.

We’ll setup a one-on-one Breakthrough session and go through everything you are and aren’t doing.

And I am going to show you exactly WHY you’re not getting the results you should be getting AND how to fix it FAST.

The free call will be about 45-60 minutes and you’ll know exactly what to do to fix your confidence, engage people naturally and authentically and start living the life you want in all the areas that are important to you.

You do know what areas are important to you right?

Then, only if you want my help and we both think it’s a fit – only then we will chat about that for about 5 minutes or so at the end about how I can help you make progress and achieve your goals FAR FASTER and reliably.

Just click on the link below, let me know a bit about your situation and let’s get you on my calendar with a booking:

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