Social anxiety recovery exercises.coffeehouse3

A lot of these are exposure therapy exercises but some might be some other techniques.

One of the simplest ways I think is to get out of the house and go to a coffee house.

You don’t have to necessarily drink anything there, the idea is to get out, get around people, get engaged with the coffee house staff.

I know this might be a lot for some people but this is actually what I prescribed to do with people when I help them and we start working together and if we’re going to exposure therapy exercises.

When they’re ready to try something then coffee houses can be a great place to go because they can be there sitting so they can totally mind their own business but be around with people.

Most people would feel weird eating at restaurants alone. In coffee houses, there’s no reason to feel weird because a lot of people are there by themselves.

So I highly recommend that you do it, bring a book to read or have something to do.

The idea at first is just to go, to order something, try to engage with the counter person if you can.

You might even see someone that you can eventually converse with but that can be much later on depending on your progress.

If you haven’t done so, go to and download a copy of the 10 Keys to Social Anxiety Recovery.

I also have the Dissolve Social Anxiety Home Recovery course which can be a great help.

If you want one-on-one coaching, I also offer personal coaching through skype which is also great.