It’s time to be HONEST with yourself.

Do you think you CAN’T…or think you CAN?iknowican

I am not talking about the small, little self-doubting thoughts that cross your mind.

But truthfully which side of the fence are you on, way deep down in your soul?

The Little Engine That Could is a children’s tale about a tiny little engine that wanted to get to the top of a hill, pulling a long, heavy train.

He said to him self over and over:

“I think I can, I think I can” until he reached the top.

It actually is a really powerful story for children.

Too bad I didn’t get the message growing up!

It really is just like dealing with social anxiety and lack of confidence in yourself.

And what I mean is deep down even though you aren’t there yet with your confidence and social skills

…what do you TRULY BELIEVE about this?

If you aren’t sure that means you still believe you can’t on some level. And that’s OK. I’ve been there believe me.

I still have those thoughts in various parts of my life. But they are just thoughts because at my core, I’ve had my crossover.

I have put the time, work and yes money into it (and more).

This is possible for everyone, and yes that means you.

We also want to work towards a place not of “I Think I Can” but instead…


That is going beyond what The Little Engine said.

Thinking is not enough. Knowing deep down is what you want to achieve.

And when you overcome something like this, and live from the confidence you deserve then the sky’s the limit my friend.