Ever heard of a troll?troll

No not the type in fantasy movies, but someone on the internet who tries to bring others down, often to the tune of mean, rude or abusive comments.

An internet troll. And no, they are not cute.

Well, I got “trolled” just the other day.

A guy from another country wrote me an email begging for me to give him free access to my Dissolve Social Anxiety system because he couldn’t afford it.

I get it, fair enough dude – nothing upsetting to me about that and props to him for asking, actually.

I get many emails each week, so I read it and earmarked it to respond when I could get to it.

Not a day or two later, I received a response to an email I sent out about the power of being self-loving of all things mentioning that the DSA system is going offline and at a discount, when I received this response back from him:

“Give it to me free, you a$$hol3”


Really dude?

I was pretty shocked. I did get rattled, because it was pretty harsh.

Now I get it that this guy is really suffering.

But really you are gonna call me an a-hole?

Seriously dude, c’mon.

So what did I do?

Did I rip into him and let him have it?

Did I send him a compassionate message telling him that won’t get him anywhere in life?

Nope. I removed him from the community and I blocked his a$$ so he could never rejoin ever again.

He’s cut off.

That isn’t acceptable, I don’t care how much you’re trying to get rid of social anxiety and how much you are suffering.

Homey don’t play that.

Why do I tell you this?

First, when you do those sort of things don’t expect people to ever react well to them. In most cases, you will be completely cut off.

I doubt most of you here would do that. And those that have and would think twice before you do that, because I guarantee that negative and nasty place a lashing out behavior like that comes from, is the same place your anger about being shy and anxious comes from.

You will just be reinforcing your prison with stronger walls each time you do (and think) that.

Second point is to show you that you don’t have to ever tolerate abusive behavior no matter how much pain someone might be in.

I still have compassion for the guy, actually.

More importantly, I have compassion for myself in cutting him off. Because I know it is the right thing to do in my gut.

It isn’t worth my time or energy dealing with someone like that, because I’m better off serving you guys that would never be abusive in such a way.