There’s something I often warn people about that are looking to beat social anxiety down.

It’s the social anxiety forums.

More often than not, they are full of people who don’t actually want to get better.advice

More than that, it’s the low-minded, SA forum jockey you need to watch out for.

It’s that dude who gives all this advice, but has SA as bad or worse than you do.

It’s the girl who’s always complaining about how ”it’s not fair I have SA” or “I have social anxiety and I hate it” or ”why is this happening to me?”

It’s the person that sucks the energy out of you with every post you read, and you end up feeling WORSE when you read what they wrote, or any advice they try to give you.


Don’t interact with them.

Definitely DO NOT try to reason with them or argue with them.

It does you no good at all.

I’ll bet you’ve heard the idea “show me the 6 people you hang out with, and I’ll tell you what you’re like.”

That’s what I’m talking about here.

Surrounding yourself with positively-minded, progress seeking people is the way to go.

You see, I’ve seen it pull people down that have made lots of progress, back into the hole.

You don’t deserve that.

In fact, I was once on a forum and I befriended a moderator.

Behind the scenes she started complaining to me about all the negative people.

She claimed she’d overcome her SA and was there to help, and then was complaining behind their backs about them!

To me that lacks integrity.

She actually is still run by a lot of victim thinking.

Listen, we all go to a place sometimes where things don’t seem fair.

I get it, it even happens to me.

But you know what I’m talking about.

If you are on an SA forum, that’s up to you, I’d recommend not hanging out there.

But for sure, stay away from the low-minded forum jockey who’s been there for years, hasn’t really progressed, hasn’t invested in any type of help, or only relies on medications to help them instead of learning how to shift their thinking and behavior.

You can get on the path to social confidence and success by overcoming shyness and SA:

If you read until this far, you’re a badass and I believe in you.


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    • Jason Ellis

      Very true, sometimes you really need to stay away from negative people that will just add up to your anxieties.

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